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To avoid damaging the meter by cavitation, downstream pressure must be superior to the head loss generated (0,6 bars at maximum flowrate).

Also, any parts reducing the upstream diameter of the meter should be avoided.


The meter should be installed horizontally within a tolerance of ±10° with the register facing up to be compliant to the specifications given.

During its service, the meter must be permamently fixed and protected against freezing.

To install correctly the meter, place a two-way valve upstream and clean the pipeline before installing the meter.


Gradually fill the meter with water when installed in a pipe or vent any remaining air when using a test bench.


The installation of a filter does not interfere with the normal operation of the meter even if it is not necessary to have one. 


If a backflow occured, the presence of a check valve is mandatory.


  • Metron Europe provides warranty to any meters purchased. It takes effect after the expedition of the meter from the factory.
  • Warranty’s Validity
    •  Parts are guaranteed for 1 year (cover Manufacturer’s defect and Material failure).
    •  The measurer’s body is guaranteed for 5 years (cover Manufacturer’s defect and Material failure).
    •  The warranty is only valid on the new delivered meter with its register attached.
  • Warranty’s Limit
    • The warranty can only be provided to the first buyer and has the permission to ask it if needed. No transfer is possible to another buyer if the person decides to sell, rent, lend or distribute the meter.
    •  The warranty stops if : a/ The meter does not follow the installation compliance given by Metron Europe.
      • An unauthorized person of Metron Europe repairs/dismounts the meter or replace the register. Regarding the latter, its replacement is possible but after its installation, the 1-year guarantee will only be applied to the new register only.
      • An unsuspected occurrence independant of Metron Europe happens : War, terrorism, vandalism, negligence, accident, freezing, tornado, hurricane, storm, cyclone, earthquake, flood, fire, clog (sand), hard water or excessive pressure.
  • Warranties are exclusive and replace all previous one.
  • The responsability of the company only stops at the value of the meter. Any  loss of revenue, specific damage or incident (whether direct or indirect) won’t be held accountable to the company.

Metron Europe

5 Route De La Bonde

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09 74 56 94 29